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Company Overview

Jarch Group Inc. ("Jarch") is a privately held company and has focused primarily on Africa as the world leader in the growth potential for natural resources development. The Company believes in the empowerment of the populations who actually own the resources, sometimes being exploited by others. Jarch looks to work with the population to develop strategies to secure their political and economic rights of self determination. With this in mind, Jarch looks for opportunities to acquire mutually beneficial agreements for natural resources with frontier countries.

Jarch builds local prosperity. It is important to Jarch that the Company works side by side with the local people as well as the governments in which it holds concessions. As such, all of Jarch's contracts greatly respect not only the respective governments but also the true owners of the land and the land itself. Jarch's management has learned from history that companies must support local communities to reach their full potential. A population that has proper education access, medical attention, and training programs will prosper and this will only behoove the companies that work there. With this in mind, all Jarch obligations include social and training programs and though not mandated, Jarch's stakeholders have agreed to return part of their profits to further these goals.