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The Company considers investment opportunities in countries in Africa.

The Company continues to monitor opportunities in regional countries if we deem the relevant considerations to merit our investment. We execute our strategy across the spectrum of opportunities within the natural resources business, from hydrocarbons to minerals to agriculture, through a variety of transactions.

In these markets, we search for the following market environments and types of projects:

  • Frontier natural resources projects where limited competition exists;
  • Acquisitions with significant upside potential;
  • Supportive local political and/or local groups.

The following is a list of some of the factors we take into account when considering potential investments in any country:

  • Potential for underexploited mineral and hydrocarbon reserves with promising upside potential that had previously been unable to access due to endogenous variables.
  • Partnering with other established natural resources companies will allow us to access certain government concession rounds, benefit from technical and market expertise from our potential partners and provide liquidity to our partners.